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Since 2016, Eco Angels was founded for many reasons:

  • There is a need for quality customer care in regards to the home-front. We are your "Angels" you can trust.

  • The need for more Eco-Friendly cleaning companies in the Arizona valley.

  • The need to pay employees what they are worth, allowing them to take most of the profit.

  • The desire to physically and energetically clear each and every home that we enter.

  • Our intentionally created Eco-Friendly products use the science discovered by Dr. Masaru Emoto. By placing loving words and intentions with the water that gets distilled in the use of our cleansers, we are essentially blessing people's homes, conspiring more abundance, joy, bliss, happiness, and love.

  • Raising the energetic vibration of the home front contributes to a greater sense of health, happiness, and wellbeing, which we all can share with others.

  • We are all energetic beings, and peace and vitality profoundly begins at home. Science even proves that we flourish within a clear and clean space.

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