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Cleaning Mirror


and tips on getting the most out of your recurring cleans

Service Guidelines: Welcome

Most of our clients use us for our Basic Cleaning recurring services. To get the most out of your cleaning time with us, here are some tips that will assist you in receiving a more efficient clean. These are not requirements, just suggestions.

  • Having the home already organized and "put away".

  • Having counter spaces and office "piles" cleared as much as possible for us to gain full access to counters/shelves. 

  • Having the kitchen/dishes in sink "put away", unless of course this is a deep clean and you want us to cover the dishes.  

  • Having floors cleared from misc. items such as piles of clothes, or toys, so that full access can be achieved in vacuuming and or steam mopping. 

Of course we do our best to clear some of these things as we move along! Just know that more is made out of your cleaning time when things are put away in its place. 


First ones on us! But please note that if service is canceled with less than 48 hours notice, we are unable to access the home upon arrival, or are turned away at the door, a cancellation/lockout fee equal to 50% of the service price will be charged.  

Vacation/ Snow Birds

When you decide to take some time off, and it occurs during your scheduled service times, please let us know if you wish to skip a service appointment, as someone else may want your time slot.

Payment for Recurring Visits Clientele

Cleaning fees are due on the 1st of the month with each current month to be serviced, and will be charged according to the frequency desired.

One Time Cleans/Late Fees

One time cleans are due upon receipt of invoice, a grace period of 10 days is provided  without payment penalty. If payment is not received by the 10th day, a late fee of $25 will be assessed.

Service Guidelines: About
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